2018 MAAP-BC Family Doctor Work Patterns Infographic

2018 BC Family Doctors’ Feelings about their Work

2018 BC Family Doctors’ Ideas about increasing availability of Community-based Primary Care

2016 Poster – The 5 types of Family Doctor work patterns found in the MAAP-PHC pilot study of downtown Vancouver

2016 Poster – Capacity of downtown Vancouver Primary Care MAAP-PHC Pilot

2016 Infographic – Family Doctor Supply, Clinic Types and After hours capacity in downtown Vancouver MAAP-PHC pilot

2016 Infographic – The 5 types of Family Doctor Work Patterns described in MAAP-PHC pilot study

2016 Table – Details of Family Doctor Work Patterns MAAP-PHC pilot

Patient Complexity in Primary Care – Literature Review of Grouping Systems _Med Student Project

The above posters/infographics/materials are the results from our 2016 pilot project, MAAP-Providence Health Care, where we trialed the survey tools and analysis methods for the downtown Vancouver region. There are important limitations to these results, including that use of convenience sample, i.e. Providence Healthcare members and a single geographic location, may not allow for generalizability to other regions/samples. However, this pilot process allowed us to create a comprehensive description of this region and learn how to best use our survey tools to be prepared for the current larger project, MAAP-BC.

Additional summaries of MAAP-PHC pilot results are available. Please email us at if interested and check back here for future results from the expanded MAAP-BC project.

For MAAP-BC, we are currently collecting data for geographies covered by Vancouver Coastal Health, using the tools shown in the figure below.